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Leopard Lync Bike Alarm and Anti Theft Monitoring


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Connected Bike Alarm & Anti Theft Monitoring


12 Months Free Data Included




Leopard lync bicycle security



Created by cyclists & bicycle manufacturers to help prevent bicycle theft.

The Leopard Lync is a smart security system designed to fit all types of bicycles. Providing real time theft monitoring, movement detection & anti theft alarm.

An added layer of protection for your bike & extra peace of mind for you.





App Features
  • Instant push notifications if movement detected
  • Cancel alarm directly from the app
  • Create your bike passport including photo, specs & serial number
  • Activate Lync with a single tap
  • Set up wireless  auto lock – your phone is your key
  • Create a geofence lock around your bike
  • View your bikes location anytime, anywhere
  • See recent bike theft locations & crime hot spots
  • Use across multiple bikes



Leopard Lync App features



Dimensions:              23mm x 168mm x 36mm
Weight:                       97g
Connectivity:             eSim – 4G & 2G
Tracking:                    GPS (GNSS)
Communication:     Wireless Low Energy
Alarm:                         Up to 109 dB
Sensors:                     6 axis gyro & accelerometer
Charging:                   USB Type C – Cable included
Battery life:                Up to 4 weeks normal use / 4 months standby
Battery type:              Lithium polymer
Weatherproof:           IP67
Flight safety:             Airplane mode
Fitting:                        2x security hex bolts – Included

How The Lync Compares

Leopard Lync Comparison

Leopard Lync Features




How long does the battery last?

Under normal riding conditions the battery will last up to 4 weeks. The device will let you know when the battery needs charging and you simply plug it in either to mains or a powerbank for 3 hours to fully charge.

Do I need a sim card?

No – the device comes with its own build in eSim allowing you to use the device across the UK and Europe

What types of bikes can the Lync be fitted too?

Any and all types of bicycle – from traditional to electric, road to gravel. If your bike has room for a bottle cage then you will be able to fit the Leopard Lync.

Where will it fit on my bike?

The best placement for the Lync is under where you would normally fit your bottle cage, and attach with  security hex bolts – which are included. You can then attach your own bottle cage as normal over the Lync.

What are the dimensions and weight of the Lync?

The Lync measures 166mm in length, 32mm in width and 23mm thickness. The compete hardware module weights just 97g.

Are we able to track these anytime, anyplace, however far away?

Yes – Unlike a tracker like tile or airtag where you need to rely on other people’s devices and be close to it to find whatever you’re tracking… the Lync was created with connectivity as a key feature and we use both GPS and 4G/2G cellular networks via an integrated eSim so you can track your device (bike) from anywhere in the world where you get signal.

In what countries can the Lync be used?

The Lync supports 4G network in the UK and across Europe as well, without extra roaming charge. All mapping (real-time GPS and find my bike) will work anywhere in the EU and UK. The only exception at the moment is the data we use for the bike theft report. Currently this is provided by UK police and so bike theft map feature is available in the UK for now. However we activity working with the EU authorities to collect more theft data and will be extending the theft mapping to cover the EU very soon. This will be done by way of a remote firmware update to the device and we will notify all users when this is ready to do.



Get peace of mind when leaving your bike. Any movement will trigger the Lync 109 dB alarm and send an instant movement notification to you via the app.


The Lync will last up to 1 week in constant / high use and up to 4 weeks in normal use. Notifications will let you know when the battery is getting low and a full charge only takes 1 hour.


Forget about keys or remembering to activate the Lync. With our Wireless auto lock, your phone is the key. When out of range the Lync will automatically activate securing your bike and then deactivate when you come back into range.



12 months free data included.



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Delivery Notice!

Once you have placed the order for your new bike we will immediately contact our supplier to check on stock availability and communicate this back to you. In most instances the bike will be 98% assembled, tested and dispatched to your delivery address within 2 days. All you will need to do is tighten the handlebars and screw the pedals in. On selected models and in certain areas we are able to arrange for the bike to be delivered fully assembled by an E-Bike technician at an agreed time and date.

- FAQ -

Why Buy An Electric Bike

Contribute To Sustainability


Electric bikes are great for short commutes to work or running errands. Most often you will get to your destination quicker by avoiding traffic and at the same time cutting down on carbon emissions and pollution.


Easier To Ride


Allow yourself a smoother ride and reduce stress on muscles and joints. Pedal assist will help you on steep inclines or rough terrain making the journey easier and more enjoyable.


Improved Physical And Mental Health


Cycling on an E-bike is more accessible and people are more likely to do it because it's easier, getting about the same workout with less the effort. For those who live a more sedentary life, an e-bike gets them moving and out in nature. The change in scenery, and fresh air helps reduce stress, improve mood, provides for a more restful sleep and increases productivity.


The Fun Factor


Getting to your destination a little quicker, feeling the wind against your face, contributing to the environment and generally feeling healthier, there is definitely an element of fun riding an E-Bike

How To Choose An Electric Bike

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular not only for cyclists but also for leisure seekers, commuters and delivery services. With so many options available and different types of electric bikes on the market the question is, which bike is right for you? Consider some of the pointers below before buying your E-Bike.




Firstly you need to consider what style of bike you are looking for. Types of E-Bikes range from Step Through bikes with a classic design, crossbar versions, mountain bikes or the ever more popular folding bikes. Then there are other considerations like hybrids which can be used on or off road. Wheel size can also be an important factor with a smoother ride on a larger sized wheel. Generally a 26” or 24” wheel will be better for off-road than a 28” wheeled bike which would be better on the road depending on the width and tread of the tyre. The step through bikes are easier to mount and better for road use where an Electric Mountain bike (E-MTB’s) is perfect for more challenging terrain off the road or trailing. Folding E-Bikes have the obvious advantage of saving space when storing or transporting.


Depending on the terrain, riders weight and weather related conditions, the ampere rating (AH) or watt hour rating (WH) will determine the distance your new E-bike can travel on a charge. Below is a list of approximate distances you can get on the various batteries sizes:
10AH or 375WH Battery will give an approx. distance of 27-35 miles
16AH battery will give an approx. distance of 60 – 70 Miles


Legalities And Power

In the UK the legal limits for E-Bikes being used on the road are 15.5mph and the motors must be limited to 250w. The battery voltage is an important consideration so if you need a powerful hill climber a 36v battery and a 250w motor would be recommended.


Size Guide

Choosing the size of your new electric bike depends on various factors including your height, inside leg measurement and riding style, however almost any size bike can be configured to give you the most efficient and comfortable ride. Below is some guidance on choosing your bike.


Height                                                Inside Leg           E-bike Size         

147cm-152cm / 4'10"-5'0"           66cm / 26"          47, 48cm (XX Small)        

152cm-160cm / 5'0"-5'3"              69cm / 27"          49, 50cm (X Small)          

160cm-170cm / 5'3"-5'7"              71cm / 28"          51, 52, 53cm (Small)       

170cm-175cm / 5'7"-5'9"              76cm / 30"          54, 55cm (Medium)         )

175cm-180cm / 5'9"-5'11"           79cm / 31"          56, 57, 58cm (Large)

180cm-188cm / 5'11"-6'2"           81cm / 32"          59, 60cm (X Large)          

188cm-196cm / 6'2"-6'5"              86cm / 34"          60, 61, 62cm (X Large, XX Large)

196cm+ / 6' 5"+                               91cm / 36"          62, 63cm (XX Large)        


Drive Systems

There are two main drive systems with electric bikes, either central crank drive or hub drive systems.


A crank driven motor is located in the middle of the bike frame and propels the bike through the chain with the use of the rear wheel gears. This is a highly efficient system because it can increase its own torque and allows the bike to climb up very steep hills. These crank driven bikes are known as pedelec bikes meaning it will only work when the rider is pedalling by rotating the cranks. Being equipped with a torque sensor, they are more intuitive than hub driven motors because they recognizes when the rider is putting effort on the cranks. The more the rider puts effort on the crank, the more power is supplied by the motor and the faster the bike goes. There are various Crank drive systems available and the ones to look out for are Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano and Panasonic.

With a hub driven systems the motor is located in the hub which propels the wheel independently from the bike chain or cassette. Hub motor systems can be driven either by pedal assist mode or via throttle control. Many models offer a selection of different levels of pedal assist modes and the power will come in based on the level set whilst pedalling. Throttle mode is a twist and go or thumb throttle which does not require the rider to pedal. This system is great for riders who do not want to worry about the need for exertion. Hub driven E-bikes are a more effortless means of cycling an electric bike.

How Will My Bike Be Delivered

Once you have placed your order we will be in communication with you about the estimated delivery date.


Please see the relevant delivery information for each brand on the product page.

What If There Is A Problem With My Bike

Please see the Description tab for the exact warranty on each model. Because some bikes are 98% built and tested before delivery, with only the handlebars needing to be tightened and pedals screwed in, the chances of receiving a faulty bike are vastly reduced. Some models come in the box needing more assembly and where ever possible we supply as much assembly information as possible. At CoAct Life we pride ourselves on offering high levels of customer service so if you have any problems or issues please get in touch and we will be more than happy to assist. 


Care And Maintenance
  • Keep your bike clean, the drivetrain well lubricated and the tyres properly inflated
  • Regularly check for loose bolts, spokes and broken parts
  • Keep the battery partially charged and store it in a cool, dry place
  • Avoid storing the bike with a flat battery
  • Charge the battery only with the correct charger
  • Check regularly for software updates
  • Visit a dealership if there is a fault. Never try to take apart, or fix the motor or battery yourself


Charge an e-bike n a dry location at room temperature. Regularly charge the battery when not using your e-bike for prolonged periods of time and clean the battery with a damp cloth. Remove the battery before cleaning your bike.

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